About Us

    My Main focus for this website is to create a business where I can sell products I have designed and also give back to help.  I have currently set my focus to helping wild animals currently because I have always loved nature and feel like it's worth trying to preserve as much of it as we can.  Not only for the wild animals that call it home but for us to keep grounded in knowing that this earth isn't just for us it's for all known living life.  From a young age I have always done what I can to try and support animals from being extinct.  Donating where and what I could to help out as much as I can.  I plan to donate 10% of all product costs to this cause. 

    You can see which cause I am supporting currently by visiting the Supported Cause tab at the top of the page.  My current plan is to change it from time to time so feel free to keep checking on it when I change it.  I have no set time frame on when I am going to change it yet, but if you know of a great wild life preservation or other good cause that supported through Pledgeling that helps animals from being extinct or protecting their habitat feel free to contact me in the Contact Us page at the top of the page.  I would be happy to look into it and consider it for future funding. 

   Aside from all of that I started a youtube channel back in July 2016 that was going to primarily focused on games and anything else I wanted to just try.   I have recently also been branching out to try my hand at other types of content outside of streaming.  Feel free to take a gander at my youtube channel by clicking the youtube icon at the footer of any page.  You can also feel free to click right Here or simply visit www.youtube.com/himygameis 

   If you are new I would highly recommend my edited videos over streams unless you're into that sort of thing.  I also do Hot sauce challenges from time to time because I feel like it's always good for a laugh.

   I also do random short clips from time to time for jokes.